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All About Gen Z

Gen Z, Platform Stories / by Helixa Marketing on November 15, 2018

All About Gen Z

Allow us introduce you to the YouTube generation. Did you know that six out of the top 10 influencers among Gen Z are YouTube celebrities? This generation that has never lived without cell phones, social media and content on demand prefers to explore the world online rather than outside.

That's just a small sample of our robust insights that explore not only lifestyles and personality traits, but also what Gen Zers like to play, watch, engage with and eat.

Our All About Gen Z: Interests and Insights Report explores:
  • Defining lifestyles of Gen Z
  • How Gen Z spends their down time
  • Gen Z's preferred entertainment content
  • Gen Z's favorite food items and snacks
  • Gen Z’s Big Five Personality (OCEAN) traits


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