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Trick or Treat: Halloween Candy Favorites by State

Audience Analysis / by Bridget Wagar on October 27, 2021

Trick or Treat: Halloween Candy Favorites by State

After a slightly heated debate over our team’s favorite Halloween candy, we got curious about favorite Halloween candy across the US. So, we looked at each state in our platform and discovered their favorite candies, here’s what we found...


HelixaGetsIt_Halloween Candy 2021


The classics seem to be holding strong: the Western US is total Red Vines territory, the Midwest mostly loves their Tootsie Rolls and Mike & Ikes, and the home state of Hershey loves M&Ms? Clearly each state has a strong opinion about which candy they’ll be giving out this Halloween.


Taking it a step further, we used our new fusion product, Global Audience View, to learn about every state’s favorite store to purchase fun size sweets...


HelixaGetsIt_Halloween Retail Stores 2021


Global Audience View is powered by our partnership with GWI and marries our signature affinity data with GWI’s Core survey (U.S.). We used the Helixa insights for each state’s favorite Halloween candy and combined it with GWI’s retailer data and well, if you haven’t bought your Halloween candy yet, you now know which stores are probably out of stock...


It’s safe to say that Target was easily the overall fan favorite with 42 states while Walgreens won 5, CVS won 2, and Sam’s Club won 1. 


Using a tool like Helixa can help you reach new audiences and uncover unexpected opportunities. Interested in seeing these kinds of insights applied to your company? Drop us a line to get a demo that focuses on your specific business needs.


Bridget-headshotBridget is the Marketing Coordinator at Helixa, where she manages social media, designs photo and video content, and assists with company culture. In her free time, she loves listening to musical theatre podcasts, cooking vegan food, and spending way too much time on TikTok.