Creating Personas With (Big) Psychographic Data

Audience Analysis, Personas, Psychographics / by Roman Golubov on February 15, 2019

Creating Personas With (Big) Psychographic Data

Subaru and pet lovers. Bud Light and Game of Thrones fanatics. IHOP and burger fans. This educational webinar explores how to apply psychographic data and interest-based audience segmentation to develop more accurate personas and make the right marketing decisions.  

The availability of vast online social interaction data and the emergence of A.I. have changed the way marketers create target personas. Innovative marketers like Subaru are increasingly moving away from pure demographic-based targeting to focus deeper into their consumers’ mindsets, passion points and motivations:


A lot of manufacturers target customers based on pure demographics. We try to go beyond that and find people who are like minded who have the same interests or needs, the same passions Subaru has, to really find commonalities. That transcends demographics, it's really more psychographics.” — Alan Bethke, SVP Marketing, Subaru of America (source:, Mar 2016)


During this webinar, Roman Golubov, Senior Marketing Manager at Helixa, dissects six recent marketing campaigns to illustrate the practical applications of psychographic-based personas. He applies Helixa’s (big) affinity and interest data to evaluate how well these brands align with their psychographic persona targeting. The webinar covers topics and brands including:


Psychographic Persona Insights — Subaru
Psychographic Persona Insights — 
Juicy Couture
Co-branding Insights — Bud Light
Interest Targeting Insights — IHOP
Spokesperson/Influencer Insights — Weight Watchers and DJ Khaled
Psychographic Segmentation Insights — NBC Sports 2018 Winter Olympics

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