Connect in a more meaningful way with the people that matter to your business.

Produce detailed consumer personas, including niche or emerging information that is not available anywhere else.

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Deeper insights about audiences and industries allow you to win more business and wow existing clients. Enable your team to discover the next game-changing idea by exploring hidden affinities that drive your brainstorming, strategy and creative development.


Create More Detailed Personas

Spur your ideation for new business pitches and ongoing work with detailed personas based on the interests, affinities, engagements and overall media habits of your clients’ consumers.


Find The Right Eyes for your Campaign

Help your clients with campaign strategies that go beyond demographic segmentation, using tools to illuminate tribes of people based on their interests, motivations, personalities and lifestyles.


Conduct Competitive Analysis

Set your clients apart from the competition with detailed looks into their competitive sets, identifying opportunities for conquest or the best paths to differentiation.


Identify new revenue opportunities with deeper insights about your audiences’ interests and behaviors. Jump start ideation, save time, settle arguments, and make better decisions with access to honest, precise, and frequently updated affinity data.


Discover Product White Space Opportunities

Inform product development with a more complete understanding of how your customers think and feel, the decisions they make, and the products and services they value.


Improve Communications ROI

Choose the most effective media outlets, events, or sponsorship opportunities to reach your audiences at their passion points and get more bang for your buck.


Choose the Right Influencers

Find the celebrities, influencers, or group of micro-influencers that align with the things your audiences love to get the maximum effect from your word of mouth campaign efforts.


Drive growth by thoroughly understanding untapped audiences. Develop new content by segmenting potential audiences based on their interests, influencers, and affinities. Increase revenue by better packaging your audiences for advertisers.


Identify and Grow your Audiences

Go beyond standard modeling to identify and attract a larger audience for your existing content or channels.


Drive Ad Sales

Quickly identify the affinities between your properties and potential advertisers that can be packaged and turned into revenue, no matter what industry, category, or lifestyle they seek.


Create Compelling Content

Develop new content you can be confident will resonate with your audience based on the common connections and unique interests revealed by Helixa’s affinity data.

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