Helixa: Market Analysis for the
21st Century

Insights that empower in minutes, not hours.

Helixa is a forward-thinking audience insights platform that uses ethical AI and machine learning technology to connect data sources in one easy to use tool.

The results are incredibly detailed personas of the consumers who matter to your business.

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Driving your audience analysis strategy from ideation to execution.


For Marketing Agencies

  • Persona Development - Create detailed personas of the audiences that matter to your clients, based on interests, actions, and overall media viewing habits.
  • Interested-Based Segmentation - Go beyond basic demographics and discover audience segments that reflect real motivations, personalities, and lifestyles.
  • Whitespace Opportunities - Identify conquest opportunities and paths to new markets by uncovering detailed competitive insights.

For Brand Marketers

  • Whitespace Opportunities - Identify paths to untapped markets through detailed insights and interest-based segments.
  • Strategic Partnerships - Choose the most relevant media outlets, events, or sponsorship opportunities to reach an engaged audience and maximize your investment.
  • Competitive Benchmarking - Uncover conquest opportunities through detailed competitive insights that go beyond demographics.

For Media Companies

  • Audience Development - Drive growth by understanding all the elements of your programming or talent and find untapped audiences.
  • Advertising Partnerships - Increase revenue by proving the value of any audience and strategically aligning them to virtually any brand.
  • Content & Programming - Identify opportunities for new projects based on culturally relevant insights to engage any target demographic.

A Look Inside Helixa

...and what some of our clients have to say.

We find the insights we get from Helixa so valuable, we use it on every single project.

Concept Arts

Helixa helps me develop meaningful insights for even the most niche brands in my portfolio. Game-changing insights aren’t just for the big brands of the world anymore.

Nemo Design

Helixa helps us validate our research and hunches. We use it from creative strategy to events and everything in between.
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The scope of Helixa’s consumer insight data far exceeds what’s available in other tools we’ve used.

The Richards Group

Helixa not only allows us to navigate the established syndicated surveys with ease, but their twitter panel gives us highly actionable, granular criteria to build targets, audiences and segmentations. It’s not just that consumers that frequent a particular QSR establishment are music fans. It's not just that they like metal. It’s not just that they like Metallica. It’s that they love Mastodon. That nuance is what tells us this group has depth and is worth exploration.


The demand for new and niche content is insane and only growing. Our partnership with Helixa has proven to be a game-changer when it comes to identifying opportunities fast, so much so that we use the platform in real-time when pitching clients, moving RFP conversations along faster.


It would take multiple tools to replace the deeper insights I can uncover with Helixa. I can even layer in offline behavior through our Simmons partnership — all without leaving the platform.


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