Insights that
Tap into the real meaning behind consumer reactions, trends, and movements to generate culturally relevant insights and get closer to audiences than any other solution.
AI powered consumer intelligence platform

Unmatched Accuracy. Helixa built the industry’s first and largest AI powered consumer intelligence platform. Helixa surfaces audience demographics, media consumption, brand affinities, online behaviors, psychographics, & highly relevant interests across over 26M segmentation dynamics. The results provide your team with everything they need to know about the people & audiences that matter most to your business.


Powered by AI & cutting edge featured, Discover enables research as specific as your audience. Available for US, UK.

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Instantly understand the nuances among the subgroup of any audience.

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conversation monitor
Conversation Monitor

Turn emerging trends in social conversations from around the world into advanced audience insights.

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total Social view
Total Social View

Discover more about what drives the people behind the posts, including their media habits & brand affinities.

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Data Fusions

Direct fusions with your existing partners MRI, GWI, & Kantar.

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20 Countries and 80%* of ALL Internet Users Globally

HELIXA, with headquarters in New York & London, has over 51 years of Market Research experience and is the gold standard in AI Consumer Intelligence. As part of Telmar Group, Helixa is the growth engine for over 5,000 of the world’s leading Brands, Agencies, and Media companies.

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It would take multiple tools to replace the deeper insights I can uncover with Helixa. I can even layer in offline behavior through our Simmons partnership — all without leaving the platform.

Helixa helps us discover unexpected audience insights that inform unique media plans and shape tailored strategies for our clients. Their easy-to-use interface allows us to quickly surface insights and cross-checks our clients' audiences.

Working with Helixa helps us produce some of the most strategic work we've done to date, and it is a testament to its ease-of-use that sometimes I find myself enjoying the time I spend in their platform.

Helixa not only allows us to navigate the established syndicated surveys with ease, but their panel gives us highly actionable, granular criteria to build targets, audiences and segmentations.

The demand for new and niche content is insane and only growing. Our partnership with Helixa has proven to be a game-changer when it comes to identifying opportunities fast.

We find the insights we get from Helixa so valuable, we use it on every single project.