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A leading national beverage company tasked our partner, VaynerMedia, with driving eCommerce sales for a new energy drink line.

VaynerMedia’s unique model moves away from mass communication and generic messaging to driving relevance by identifying and targeting multiple viable audiences with insight-based creative at scale.

To understand the different types of cohorts that exist within the energy beverage space and discover new opportunities for this domestic launch, they turned to Helixa for an extensive analysis.



The energy drink market has historically leaned on stereotypes to reach a key segment of teenage gamers. This approach ignores other lucrative segments and risks alienating them. To expand the scope of the campaign, VaynerMedia used the Helixa platform to help uncover segments with big growth potential.


VaynerMedia used the Helixa platform to learn more about their potential market segments, looking at the beverage company’s specific brand, as well as fans of energy drinks in general.



VaynerMedia was looking for multiple new cohorts to help expand the target audience and drive relevance with multiple new audiences. Helixa helped identify numerous new and viable cohorts, one especially surprising that paid back in dividends were active, 50+ year old consumers.


This was a completely new and untapped cohort for the category and not an audience that the multitude of energy brands were targeting.


VaynerMedia has always focused on the intersection of culture and consumer attention to power data-driven, targetable cohorts — removing subjectivity and, thus, ran with it.


These segments were then built out into more detailed cohorts through additional research and tested as part of the energy drink campaign. These findings informed creative, strategy, and execution to reach this new audience across channels like Facebook and Instagram via contextually targeted CTR campaigns.




Helixa’s quick delivery of unexpected insights and VaynerMedia’s commitment to out-of-the-box thinking yielded tangible results for the beverage company.



The group of active, 50+ consumers outpaced the other cohorts when it came to eCommerce sales of the new energy drink


The creative for the active, 50+ segment also outpaced channel CTR benchmarks by 2.5x

“Helixa elevates our holistic research strategy and accelerates our strategic process. With their platform, we can identify, ideate, and execute against new audiences at the pace our business demands.”


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