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More Than You Ever Knew

Deeper insight into your audience, what delights them, and how to reach them.

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We help brands and marketers connect in a more deep and meaningful way with the audiences that matter most to them.

We believe that detailed research and a respect for privacy are not in conflict.
Our nimble platform provides rich, valuable insight into how audiences behave, what they say, and what they believe.


More For Agencies

Hard-to-find insights into client personas to win new business and deliver better outcomes.

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More For Marketers

Complete customer understanding to make better informed decisions and find new growth opportunities.

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More For Media Companies

Segmentation and discovery into what motivates your audience to spur growth and monetization.

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"We find the insights we get from Helixa so valuable, we use it on every single project."

Concept Arts


“Helixa helps us develop meaningful insights for even the most niche brands in my portfolio. Game-changing insights aren’t just for the big brands of the world anymore.”

Nemo Design

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