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Meaningful insights that empower decision making - in minutes, not hours.

Find out more than you ever knew about the groups of people who matter to you.

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Our core analytics engine that equips you with the tools to understand what’s distinctive about any audience and what they care about.


Helixa Discovery - 2020



While most market research tools rely on a single data source and methodology, Helixa Discovery was built to bring together disparate data sets to provide a richer view of any audience.


Build detailed personas to help drive your strategy based on audience interests, demographics, and psychographics – all carefully weighted to be representative of the US Population.



Your social listening tool and Helixa are the perfect team. Discover more about the people behind the Tweets and their interests, including media preferences, brand affinities, and what drives them.

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Total consumer view

Interest meets consumption. The MRI-Simmons (GfK) consumption data you trust with the timeliness of Helixa Discovery let's you connect influencers, interests, media and product consumption through a lens representative of real-world behavior.

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Helixa influencer view

Uncover advantageous opportunities within your influencer marketing. Find, validate and rank potential influencers by understanding the strength and quality of their followers to expand your audience and maximize your investment.

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Helixa segment view

Understand the nuances among the subgroups of any audience. Explore the many distinct groups that make up your total audience to uncover opportunities for growth.

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Helixa’s Total Social View overlays our detailed interest graph onto your social audience to tell you more about the people behind the Tweets and their interests, including media preferences, brand affinities, and what drives them.

Use Total Social View to:

  • Instantly segment your social audience to understand who is important and what makes them unique
  • Uncover their psychographics and personality traits to fine-tune your brand communication strategy
  • Discover competitive brand affinities you might have missed before and adjust your strategy to avoid missing important opportunities

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Utilizing your existing subscriptions to Helixa Discovery and MRI or Simmons, Total Consumer View fuses their consumption and intent data with Helixa Discovery’s highly nuanced and timely data for an enriched view of your audience.

Use Total Consumer View to:

  • Identify prospects and buyers, and build a communications strategy based on their unique interests and characteristics
  • Create detailed personas for people known to have purchased your product to both find more of them and keep buyers engaged and returning for more
  • Recognize cross-promotion, upsell, and sponsorship opportunities


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See who your influencer audience engages with, how they break down in terms of demographics and other Helixa Discovery dimensions. Discover where your opportunities lie in influencer marketing and make strategic decisions with your budget.

Use Helixa Influencer View to:

  • Find influencers followed by specific segments of your audience
  • Discover which influencers or groups of influencers are best suited to spread your messaging
  • Make better decisions about spending marketing budget with influencers

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When you know how different the people in your audience are you can develop strategies that are relevant to them. Learn about the many different groups that make up your total audience. Identify groups based on shared interests, psychographics, even personality types.

Use Helixa Segmentation View to:

  • Discover how to communicate more effectively based on different interests and mindsets so your message will resonate
  • Build a marketing strategy tailored to the different types of people your brand wants to attract
  • Identify underserved audiences who are buying without identifying with your brand and turn them into more passionate customers

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