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Tracking the Ways COVID-19 Changed Life at Home

Announcements, COVID-19 / by Helixa Marketing on August 14, 2020

Tracking the Ways COVID-19 Changed Life at Home

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The COVID-19 pandemic brought our whole world into our homes and onto our screens. 


Many things have changed in a short period of time, and everyone wants to know which transformations will last. While our platform can’t predict the future, it can quantify changes that have stuck around for a while. And we think many will stick for good.


COVID restaurant delivery


We analyzed and compared observed online social behavior in the first 12 weeks before and after March 11. By calculating how much the engagement has risen or fallen between those two periods, we can determine the change over time.

COVID Instacart

In some cases, we also took a look at how the four weeks before and after March 11 compared to the 12-week numbers to really understand if these instances were just initial spikes or indicative of more permanent shifts.


The result is a microsite that examines our time indoors and helps quantify the often-dramatic changes that have taken place in our lives. 


We hope you’re reading this from home… and that you learn something surprising or new along the way.


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