Discover Great Britain with Helixa Discovery: Understand Audiences In All Of Their Human Dimensions

Audience Analysis, Announcements / by Bridget Wagar on April 7, 2023

Discover Great Britain with Helixa Discovery: Understand Audiences In All Of Their Human Dimensions

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Looking for an audience intelligence and insights platform to discover whitespace opportunities and help grow your business? Look no further than Helixa Discovery! Our platform is trusted by some of the world's leading media companies, brands, and agencies to surface fast, fresh, and highly relevant insights that quickly identify opportunities for growth. And now, we’re thrilled to bring Helixa Discovery’s powerful audience insights capabilities to Great Britain with our latest offering: Discover Great Britain.


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With over 400 categories that go beyond traditional demographics and lifestyles, Discover Great Britain allows you to explore and understand unique audiences that are relevant to your business. Helixa Discovery is Great Britain's first audience solution that provides the complete picture of consumers through our latest fusion partnership with Kantar’s TGI consumer survey.


Kantar’s TGI consumer survey provides a comprehensive profile of media consumption. By combining TGI's robust survey data with Helixa Discovery's culturally relevant social audience insights, you can get a deeper understanding of what people in Great Britain care about, their favorite brands, and who influences them.


With over 16,000+ variables at your fingertips, you can dive deep into the rich tapestry of your audience's human dimensions. Our advanced technology enables you to create truly unique audience segments that resonate with your target market on a personal level. You have endless options for crafting your audiences, from demographic and psychographic details to influencers, products and services, and media properties. The possibilities are limitless.


Don’t wait! Schedule a demo today and start unlocking the power of audience intelligence for your business. And to see just how detailed our audience insights can get, check out our use cases below!


How they live, in this day and age


With Helixa's Lifestyles and Personalities feature, you can gain invaluable insights into how your audience feels, lives, and their individual preferences. With Helixa Discovery, you can craft laser-targeted marketing strategies that will resonate with your audience and drive sales.


HelixaGetsIt_Discover GB Call of Duty vs Pokemon 2023


Who influences them, today


We understand that finding the right influencers can be a daunting task when you want to look beyond followers and likes. With Helixa Discovery, you can discover the perfect influencers for your brand.


Our platform offers a diverse range of influencers, from actors to athletes, and uses advanced algorithms to go beyond follower count to analyze a deeper level of influencer interaction through Relevance. Helixa’s innovative “Relevance” Badge boosts our audience insights by providing statistically significant results among both Reach and Affinity, so you don't have to rack your brain trying to decide which item makes the most sense. This means you can confidently select the influencers who are connecting with your target audience and driving real engagement. Maximize your investment and reach your target audience with Helixa Discovery.


HelixaGetsIt_Discover GB Harry Kane 2023


What interests them, right now


Have you ever had a project land in your lap for a brand that was so new, your current research stack couldn’t help? Helixa Discovery can help you keep up with what your customers are interested in. Our cutting-edge platform enables you to effortlessly track the latest and greatest products and services, from the hottest new hard seltzer to up-and-coming beauty brands.


With Helixa Discovery, you'll be able to strategically align your business with your customers' changing needs and preferences, giving you a powerful competitive edge in today's fast-paced marketplace. Stay ahead of the competition by understanding your customers' favorite products and services.


HelixaGetsIt_Discover GB Primark 2023


How Helixa Discovery can help make your work matter


"Working with Helixa helps us produce some of the most strategic work we've done to date, and it is a testament to its ease-of-use that sometimes I find myself enjoying the time I spend in their platform." - Rauxa


Helixa Discovery can help you identify what your audiences actually engage with online. Just as your brand is multi-dimensional, so are the audiences you hope to reach, and you cannot reach them without an authentic approach. With 86% of consumers wanting advertising personalization, using Helixa Discovery is not just an option but a necessity.


Not only is Helixa Discovery fun, but we deliver actionable and detailed insights that can inform pitch decks, strategic partnerships, product innovation, media planning, content and programming, and so much more.


With Discover GB you get:


Speed to insights. Real-time queries and presentation-ready insights in minutes, not hours.


Relevant + Actionable. Proprietary affinity modeling helps you quickly understand what is distinct about any audience.


Breadth + Depth. New or niche? We’ve got that, too.


Are you ready for insights that deliver? Let’s talk about how Helixa Discovery can help you get things done, and your business succeed.




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