Helixa for Media Sales Partnerships

Audience Analysis, Platform Stories / by Kerry McGuire on January 30, 2023

Helixa for Media Sales Partnerships

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In the age of infinite programming and overnight competitors, media companies are being pushed to capture audience attention like never before. But the process for developing meaningful insights doesn’t have to be a bottleneck – even when they’re new or niche.


Helixa’s audience intelligence platform delivers the complete picture and can help you understand your target audiences in all of their human dimensions.


Our audience insights can be used in numerous ways, with many media clients using Helixa to discover advertising partnerships. By giving you insight into your target audiences’ top products, influencers, and lifestyles, you can better advertise to them by tapping into their unique interests. Helixa can quickly help drive your advertising strategy from ideation to execution. 


"Working with Helixa helps us produce some of the most strategic work we've done to date, and it is a testament to its ease-of-use that sometimes I find myself enjoying the time I spend in their platform." - Rauxa 


Let’s take a closer look at how one of our media clients uses the platform to find advertising opportunities that reach their audiences more effectively.


From Ideation to Execution 


Our media client is a cable television channel with a vast portfolio of shows that appeal to many different demographics. Breaking down your audience’s demographics allows you to understand them better and identify what brands best align with who they are. Let’s start by taking a closer look at the channel’s main demographic and how that can inform their advertising preferences:


– Female: 51%

– 35-44 years old: 17%

– $100K - 200K HHI: 22%

– Married: 43%


Helixa for Media Blog 1


We then took a closer look at their top products and services genres to discover their interests and passions. 


Eco-Friendly Electric Vehicles: 2.10x


Helixa for Media Blog 2


Creating partnerships that align with audiences is more important than ever before. As electric cars become more popular, it also becomes more important for car brands to reach the right audience. Helixa’s capabilities allowed our media client to know if their audience is more interested in eco-friendly electric vehicles than the average United States consumer. This audience is 2.10x more likely to engage with them, making electric vehicles a great potential partner for our media client.


Knowing that your audience is enthusiastic about a genre is only half of the task. It’s also important to know which car manufacturers are popular with your audience. With Helixa data, we can drill down to see which electric vehicle manufacturers our media client’s audience engages with the most.


1. BMW i - 3.32x

2. Nissan Electric - 2.41x

3. Chevrolet Electric - 2.30x


Helixa for Media Blog 3


As we all know, EVs do not come cheap, and these popular EV manufacturers come in at different price points. Chevrolet Electric EVs start at $31,500, Nissan Electric EVs start at $43,190, and BMW i EVs start at a whopping $55,900. But when we did our demographic analysis, we found that our media client’s audience is more likely to have a household income over $100,000 than the average US consumer. This audience can afford their favorite EVs, including their top choice, BMW i. With this analysis, our media client can confidently approach BMW, Nissan, or Chevy and present a strong data-driven pitch for why these car manufacturers should advertise on their television channel. 


Reach Audiences More Effectively 


Helixa helps us discover unexpected audience insights that inform unique media plans and shape tailored strategies for our clients. Their easy-to-use interface allows us to quickly surface insights and cross-checks our clients' audiences — and the export features make assembling a briefing doc easy work." - DCMN


Helixa’s Discovery Platform differs from other tools because we use AI and Machine Learning to integrate disparate data sources into a single platform. The result is an enriched and detailed view of the consumers who matter to your business.


Outside of advertising partnerships, Helixa can help media companies with many use cases:


Audience Development

Find and enlarge audiences for existing and new shows or channels. Check out our case study, where VaynerMedia used our platform to learn more about their potential market segments.


Content & Programming

Identify opportunities for new projects and develop and expand your content portfolio based on culturally relevant insights that engage your target audience.


Corporate Development 

Drive audience growth by understanding all the elements of your talent pool and find untapped synergies.


Are you ready for insights that drive decisions? Let’s discuss how audience Intelligence can help you reach your audience and uncover unexpected opportunities. Schedule 15 minutes with us below.


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Kerry-3Kerry is a Director of Global Strategic Accounts at Helixa, where she helps her clients reach their goals and derive continuous success and value from the platform. She is a big fan of fine cheese or wine and is always up to date on the latest media (and reality tv 😉) trends.



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