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Introducing Total Social View from Helixa, the Most In-Depth View of Your Social Audience

Announcements / by Helixa Marketing on August 28, 2019

Introducing Total Social View from Helixa, the Most In-Depth View of Your Social Audience

Total Social View, a new product from Helixa, provides detailed personas for your social audience. 


Your social listening tools just got the help they needed. You rely on those tools to understand what people are saying about your brand, competitors, and industry, but these tools don’t tell you much about who this audience is and what their interests are. With Total Social View, you will learn more about them, what delights them and how to motivate them.


See who’s behind the tweets


While it’s helpful to get a broad view of your audience, segmentation is the key to personalizing marketing strategy at scale. Our goal at Helixa is to reveal what makes your customers tick, so you can connect with them in more meaningful ways.


Our clients use Helixa’s interest graph, defined by a taxonomy that covers 550 categories, to dive deep on a wide range of attributes that reveal the human traits underlying online behavior of groups of people. With Total Social View you can now leverage the power of our AI and analytical strength to better understand your own audiences, and segment and explore them to uncover traits and aspects about them you haven’t yet considered.


Here’s what Total Social View will bring to your business:


  • Make your tools work smarter. Explore any segment of your audience that you can pull from your data collection tools – from social listening to CRM. All you need to get started is a list of Twitter handles.
  • Personas for social audiences, finally. The best social listening tools on the market provide a thin snapshot, often limited to demographic data. Total Social View digs deeper into their passions and motivations to build personas that inspire.
  • All at the speed of Helixa. Our platform frees you from hours of waiting for each analysis, delivering easy-to-read, visual reports in seconds. That way, you can stay agile and respond quickly.


Discover who your audience is, where to reach them, and how they change over time


Marketers and media companies can leverage Total Social View to discover deeper insights at every stage of the strategic planning process. Total Social View leverages your unique audience data, from any number of data collection tools you already use, to better understand the consumer segments that matter most to your business. 


Let us show you how Total Social View will work for you. Contact your Success Rep or email us at sales@helixa.ai.