Audience Analytics Tools Are Better Together

Perspectives / by Ryan Baum on September 13, 2019

Audience Analytics Tools Are Better Together

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What gets your audience out of bed in the morning?


We finally have the mountains of data needed to answer this type of grand marketing question. But bigger mountains have more to sift through before you can get to the right insights. 


Where resources were poured into data collection tools in the past, they are now being directed toward audience analytics solutions like AI, machine learning, and advanced statistics to make sense of it all. This is where Helixa comes in to connect the dots in often surprising ways.


Our advanced audience analytics process focuses on finding useful data sets and leveraging AI to help them work together to reach their full potential. The end result is a holistic picture of your audience that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Each tool we explore in this post provides valuable insight into your audience. These findings are even more impactful when you can build them into detailed marketing personas.


Website Analytics Tools 


When you look at the website audience analytics available today, it’s clear we have come a long way from basic cookie tracking. Customers are browsing through your site in a way that tells a story about how they perceive and interact with your brand. Website analytics tools give you a snapshot of that audience and their on-site behavior, which informs future website updates. 


Google Analytics is perhaps one of the most ubiquitous analytics tools available. It is a free platform that tracks and analyzes data about web traffic, and you have the ability to see which keywords bring the most visitors to your page. 


Once you have a grasp of the basic composition and preferences of your website audience and understand how they are engaging with your content, you can take it a step further. Helixa’s 550-category interest graph can uncover connections between the top performing content on your site and other potential interests your audience might have. You can run searches on our platform for each topic that corresponds to one of your top performing pages, alongside demographic information, to see what similar audiences are interested in. The unexpected interests that emerge could help diversify and refresh your marketing strategy.


Social Listening Tools 


Social media listening tools are powerful market research instruments that tell you what your customer base and prospects are saying about your business and products. Whether you want to look at launches, fans, competitors, or the overall market, social listening tools tap into these conversations to provide tons of context over the course of the discussion. 


BrandWatch and Keyhole are two examples of popular audience analytics tools that specialize in social listening. Both offer social media measurement, in-depth analytics, and segmentation. Keyhole even adds social media management functionality into the mix.


Helixa’s new Total Social View product allows you to upload the list of Twitter handles exported from your social listening tool to run a deeper analysis on who they are and what they are interested in. For example, entertainment studios can take a closer look at the discussion around a trailer drop and determine the audience’s favorite cast members, their other interests, and their favorite TV shows for additional media buys. It’s even possible to compare the audiences discussing each trailer and track the impact of changing variables within the trailers.


Syndicated Research Platforms 


Syndicated research comes in many flavors, but here we are specifically talking about platforms like MRI and Simmons that allow you to explore and segment consumer data gathered through survey research.


MRI and Simmons offer psychographic and consumption data, providing deeper insights into what fuels consumer behavior. MRI and Simmons data really shine when overlaid onto the observed behavioral data in the Helixa platform. Our agency clients use this pairing to discover unexpected connections and build highly detailed and realistic personas that inspire creative marketing and win new business.


Understand What Delights Each Segment Of Your Audience


Each of the tools above can provide specific insights on the segments that matter most to your business, and Helixa can build those findings into detailed marketing personas. This new level of depth and breadth is only possible when using AI and machine learning to aggregate and analyze multiple data sets, connecting the dots in ways that are often surprising.


This is especially true now that our new Total Social View product allows you to apply the power and speed of Helixa to specific outputs from audience analytics tools. As a result, you can tap into the critical context needed to understand what drives your audience.



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