Helixa Launches New Platform

Helixa in the News / by Helixa Marketing on March 1, 2022

Helixa Launches New Platform

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Enhanced “Discovery” platform enables users to quickly measure changes in audiences over time, optimize segmentation and index against different audience bases.


Helixa Launches New Platform To Deliver Deeper, More Granular Audience Insights In Minutes


New York, NY -- Helixa is launching a new updated, data-driven audience intelligence platform that incorporates customer feedback and enables users to access more granular insights for US and Global audiences, with enhanced speed.


The new Discovery platform is an enhancement to Helixa’s SaaS audience intelligence platform, which allows marketers, media, brands and agencies to use social data to provide research insights into audiences’ demographics and psychographics engagements and behaviors, as well as segmentation.


In addition to a new and optimized user interface, new features of the platform include, among others:


  • New trending capabilities to better understand pre/post effects: The new analysis capability enables the customers to freely define pre/post timeframes and analyze changes in the audiences’ interests and affinities between them.
  • Flexible audience indexing: Now, in addition to Helixa’s current weighting against the general population, clients can change and customize the indexing base and compare the results against any baseline that is relevant to their business.
  • Advanced audience and whitespace segmentation: In addition to segmenting their existing audiences with more advanced algorithms and reporting options, customers can now also segment the “adjacent possible” audience that are reachable but not in the current set.

“We listened to our customers and took our time to refine and advance the things they liked and fix the things they thought could use improvement. We believe the result is an exciting leap and our customers in the Agency, Media, and Brand space will appreciate the new features and improvements,” says Florian Kahlert, CEO, Helixa. “Using our signature affinity data, and empowered with new advanced features like time frame selection and the flexibility to change audience base, this new platform delivers audience insights with more depth and detail than possible from a single source platform, quickly and efficiently.”


Helixa Discovery’s capabilities will enable users to:


Analyze Social Conversations

Understand the audiences behind any Twitter conversation, surfacing who they are, who influences them, and how to engage them.


Segment Audiences

Identify the nuances among the subgroups of any audience. Explore the many distinct groups that make up a total audience to uncover growth opportunities.


Uncover Influencers Marketing Opportunities

Uncover influencer marketing opportunities. Find, validate and rank potential influencers by understanding the quality of their followers to expand audiences and maximize marketing investment.


Helixa was acquired in late 2021 by Telmar, a global leader in advertising and media planning solutions. For more information on Helixa’s new Discovery platform, please visit https://www.helixa.ai/discovery-platform.


About Helixa


Helixa, a Telmar company, is a data-driven, audience intelligence platform that helps media companies, brands, and their agencies identify new opportunities and pathways to growth.


We use public social data and transform it to provide research insights into Audiences, Demographics, Psychographics, and Customer Segments. Data and engagement is analyzed, augmented, and transformed into insights rather than just reported as activity.


The results are incredibly nuanced, timely, and meaningful insights that inform creative, planning, and execution to reach your target audiences across channels and meet them where they are.


For more information, visit www.helixa.ai.

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