Helixa Discovery’s Fusion Network: The Power of Combining Social & Survey Data

Insight Frameworks / by Alex Lawson on April 7, 2023

Helixa Discovery’s Fusion Network: The Power of Combining Social & Survey Data

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Helixa has insights that empower. Within minutes you can discover, segment, and compare audiences with depth and detail you can’t get anywhere else. But what do you do when you want to understand your audiences more with survey data?


Maximize your survey provider subscription with Helixa’s data fusion packages. We have partnerships with MRI-Simmons and GWI in the United States, and with Kantar TGI in Great Britain. You can quickly harness the combined power of social and survey data in minutes and help you get more out of your survey provider subscriptions. Each data set has a wealth of different information and can complement and inform each other.


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So what are the benefits of combining Helixa’s powerful audience intelligence with survey data?


When you combine Helixa’s powerful audience intelligence capabilities with trusted and established survey data, you get a complete picture that makes the connection between online and offline social behaviors. Helixa is the only audience intelligence platform that conducts ML-based, advanced data fusion between our social sample and survey respondents to allow you to see what else your audience is engaging with.


Survey data typically consists of a demographic, psychographic, lifestyle, and products & services questionnaire. Survey respondents typically declare in a questionnaire their lifestyle preferences, what brands and products they use, and their opinions about various topics. Creating an interest feedback loop informs you of the motivation for interest, a leading indicator for consumption. By having these insights, you can better understand the motivations and habits of consumers.


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Our clients have built strategic plans using one of our survey providers as a backbone. Our data fusions offer additional color against the segments companies have built their strategies around, saving them time and headache whenever a market disruption requires further analysis.


Helixa’s observational interest data helps you go beyond what your target audiences say they are interested in.


Our platform shows you what captures their attention by observing how people naturally interact with the abundance of information flooding their feeds. Combining this information with in-depth psychographic statements from survey data gives you a deeper understanding of your target audiences. It’s one thing to know that your audience is interested in AppleTV+’s show Ted Lasso, but our platform can also tell you whether they’re likely to listen to influencers or avoid advertising altogether.


While survey data can make us aware of what consumers watch on TV…


Survey data can also identify how often consumers watch sports, like baseball. Combining that with Helixa data shows that Lil Nas X is the most popular artist amongst young baseball fans. Getting the full scope of your audience’s interests, behavior, and how they intersect with each other allows you to gain a broader perspective of who you are looking at and how to market to them more effectively.


Sometimes a data point can make you pause and question whether it’s correct or not.


For instance, would you expect active 50-year-olds to be interested in an energy drink brand? We found that active 50-year-old consumers outpaced channel CTR benchmarks by 2.5x. Double-checking these surprising data points gives you the confidence to lean into surprising insights and capitalize on untapped areas for growth.


Remember the Hard Seltzer Wars? It seemed like every week another alcohol brand was releasing its spin on alcoholic seltzer water.


Surveys need time to be updated, but Helixa doesn’t. Our up-to-date data came in clutch with discovering new consumer segments for overnight competitors. Our platform provided early signals: how worried did light beer brands need to be about hard seltzer? A lot. And combining Helixa’s data with survey questions about how often a person drinks alcohol made it possible to key in on those who could be brand ambassadors for the emerging product.


Trends are developing faster than ever, and Helixa’s insights give you the confidence to grow successful brands and strategies quickly!


When you want to dive deeper into your target audiences, Helixa has data fusions allowing you to affix survey data to learn more about consumers. Our platform can help save strategists time, build highly relevant pitches and strategies, and ultimately delight, win, and renew clients. With so many different ways to use these combinations, the benefits of combining audience intelligence and survey data are nearly limitless. Maximize your survey provider subscription today with Helixa.


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alexAlex is a Senior Research Analyst at Helixa, where he leverages his analytics background to help clients discover and interpret surprising insights. In his free time, he can often be found trying to locate All-Dressed chips or training his phone to stop removing the letter "u" from words.




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