Leading with Authenticity: Influencers Drive Engagement with Content that Resonates

Insight Frameworks / by Bridget Wagar on November 28, 2022

Leading with Authenticity: Influencers Drive Engagement with Content that Resonates

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Authenticity is everything. Influencer marketing has matured into a core marketing discipline, and finding influencers that naturally resonate with your customers is key.


Influencers bring with them a distinct advantage – the trust and credibility they have developed and nurtured with their followers. Their ability to create one-to-one relationships with audiences can be a great asset to your business, helping you to connect with consumers more authentically and on a more personal level. And most importantly, businesses can achieve a return of $5.78 for every dollar spent on influencers.


What makes for a great influencer?


According to Sprout Social, you need to consider their content, credibility, engagement, and audience overlap to find the right influencer. But how will you take all of those metrics into account? 


Social listening tools don’t paint the full picture; they’re often risking time, money, and great creativity on the wrong audiences. 


Helixa is different. Our audience intelligence platform can help you uncover influencer marketing opportunities by finding, validating, and ranking potential influencers by understanding the quality of their followers. This will provide opportunities to expand your audiences and maximize your investment. Or, if you’ve already done your research and want to vet a specific list of influencers, you can apply the full AI power of our platform to validate your shortlist.


We believe all marketing should utilize research and data to solve your specific business problems.


That means defining a clear objective and audience — whether you want to build further loyalty among current fans, woo people who buy from your competitors, or target new customers based on shared interests


We took a closer look at the up-and-coming canned-water company, Liquid Death and how this trendy new brand can use audience insights to find the perfect influencer for their next campaign.


Punk Rock Environmentalism


Liquid Death isn’t like other water companies; its deceptive packaging (looks like an adult beverage), messaging, and sustainable values truly make it one-of-a-kind. Its tagline is literally, “Murder your thirst.” Finding an influencer who encompasses these values and aesthetics will take research, but Helixa can cut your audience analysis time by 50% or more


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Researching the Liquid Death audience only took us 15 minutes to discover the insights we were looking for. We found that they are 3x more likely to engage with Punk singers and bands, specifically musician Travis Barker (4.5x more likely) and his band Blink-182 (5x more likely). We also found that Barker’s fans are 4.5x more likely to engage with Liquid Death. This partnership does make sense considering punk rock and environmentalism have gone hand in hand since the 1970s.


Not only does Barker’s tattooed drummer vibe fit the Liquid Death brand, but he is also an avid vegan and environmentalist and has been sober for the last eight years. Last year, he worked with the footwear brand Allbirds to produce a video explaining their SPO (Sustainable Public Equity Offering) and how the brand cares about the planet.


Barker’s meaningful, creative and authentic content serves fans and brands. With his band, Blink-182 reuniting for a 2023 tour, Liquid Death could really drive growth by partnering with Barker and the band to reach their dedicated fanbase.


Spend where it matters


Content is king and has the power to build audiences. But without the right creators leading those campaigns, your hard work will fall flat, and your marketing investment may not return the value you had anticipated.


Helixa can make your work matter by helping you discover data-driven influencer partnerships. Just as your brand is multi-dimensional, so are the audiences you hope to reach, and you cannot reach them without an authentic approach. With 86% of consumers wanting advertising personalization, how can you afford not to use Helixa? 


To win them over, you need to know all this and more. Helixa can even give you a more holistic picture of their interests and passions for authentic messaging that hits home and builds brand love.


Reach out to learn more about how you can bring these deep, human insights to your brand for more strategic decision-making.


Your Telmar Helixa Marketing Team


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