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Platform Stories / by Ryan Baum on August 30, 2021

Build a Village to Help Raise Your Recording Artist

At the top of the charts, artists get extensive teams with massive budgets, endless radio play, and legions of dedicated fans to sing their praises online and out in the real world. 

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Platform Stories, COVID-19 / by Ryan Baum on August 23, 2021

Will Grocery Delivery Stick, or Will Consumers Head Back to the Store?

One of the biggest shifts during COVID-19 was the immediate switch from brick-and-mortar shopping to home delivery, accelerating a trend we were already seeing. 

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Perspectives / by Kaitlyn Harrison on August 16, 2021

Bachelor Nation, Will You Accept This Host? 🌹

On August 9th, millions of Americans (including me and my Bachelor nation group chat) tuned in to see Bachelorette Katie Thurston get engaged to the man of her dreams. One thing that was unique to Katie’s season was that she was the first Bachelorette to not have the support system of Chris Harrison (Bachelor Nation host from 2002 - 2021).

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Gen Z, Perspectives / by Ryan Baum on July 29, 2021

Gaming Reaches Gen Z. Here’s How You Can Too.

The stereotype of gamers as basement-dwelling loners couldn’t be further from the truth in 2021 — and Gen Z is reshaping the world of gaming more and more everyday. 

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Platform Stories / by Alex Lawson on July 26, 2021

Olympics 2021: Building Better Brand Partnerships Around Major Events

You can’t talk about the Olympics without mentioning partnerships. It seems like anything at the games can be sponsored — including the athletes — and ad spots go for millions.

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