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Are You Thinking What We’re Thinking?

Platform Stories / by Alex Lawson on February 2, 2022

Building Off Breakfast: Can Wendy’s Emulate Subway’s Successful Campaign

Italian B.M.T on Italian Herb & Cheese, toasted, with lettuce, onions, pickles, and banana peppers. Top it with chipotle southwest and ranch dressing, and always finish with salt and pepper. My Subway order for years, but now it’s hard for me to watch anything on TV without hearing about Subway’s big “Eat Fresh Refresh.” The advertising campaign has seen numerous star athletes, including Steph Curry, Tom Brady, and Serena Williams, helping showcase the new sandwiches and ingredients at Subway. The campaign was wildly successful and helped Subway achieve its highest August sales since 2013.

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Gen Z, Perspectives / by Bridget Wagar on January 18, 2022

Sports Influencers: Mental Health Comes First

Being a professional athlete is incredibly taxing both physically and mentally; for many years, the press just focused on the physical demands. But now, famous athletes like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka are using their platforms to raise awareness about mental health by sharing their own stories.

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Perspectives, Platform Stories / by Bridget Wagar on December 16, 2021

Colonel Sanders, Beauty Icon?

KFC recently announced that it was putting its advertising account up for review, and the debate is on whether or not brand icon Colonel Sanders will survive when a new agency takes the creative helm.


But based upon our analysis, the brand may want to consider a new role for the Colonel – as a beauty icon.

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Perspectives, COVID-19 / by Robert Nicosia on December 10, 2021

B2B Marketers: Know Thy Customer

Today in the category of applications we would never have thought of… a curious POV from one of our partners. With the help of our platform, he discovered that audience intelligence can aid remote B2B selling. Since we’re not having many IRL meetings, he suggests that AI personas can fill that gap.

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Helixa in the News / by Helixa Marketing on December 8, 2021

Telmar Acquires Helixa

The acquisition gives the global media planning leader expanded digital and audience analysis capabilities while Helixa, a social data audience intelligence platform gains access to resources for international growth and product development.

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