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Are You Thinking What We’re Thinking?

Insight Frameworks / by Lee Parker on June 25, 2021

Understand Your Competitors’ Customers Like Your Own

As a sales guy, I love competition. It keeps you on your toes and pushes you to be better than you were the day before. 


But to come out on top, you need to make smarter moves than the people you’re up against. In terms of business, this means you need to understand who your competitors are actually selling to. If you only focus on their public activities, you’re missing a crucial part of the story.

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Perspectives / by Ryan Baum on June 9, 2021

Where First-Party Data Ends: Uncovering Opportunities Beyond the Audience You Know

The eventual death of the third-party cookie is shifting power toward the companies that own their data.


Media companies, especially, stand to benefit from the first-party data they’ve collected over the years, but it’s still not enough in this hyper-competitive, constantly shifting landscape.

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Insight Frameworks / by Alex Lawson on May 26, 2021

B2B Audiences: An Accessible Research Approach for an Elusive Crowd

B2B is a three-letter acronym, but it can feel like a four-letter word in most research platforms.

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Perspectives, AI & Machine Learning / by Ryan Baum on May 5, 2021

The Quickest Way to Segment Your Audience is Also the Most Powerful

Your audience is constantly growing and changing — as is the world it inhabits. 


But when you take a traditional approach to audience segmentation, each study represents a relatively narrow view at a specific moment in time. 

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Perspectives, Guides / by Ryan Baum on April 20, 2021

Demographics Provide the Outline, but Psychographics Paint in Full Color

If someone asked you to talk about your ideal customers, would you be limited to their basic attributes — or could you tell their stories?


In the current landscape of rapid change and cutthroat competition, the first option is no longer acceptable.

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